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Premium Wisconsin Dairy Products

MariGold Dairies has always held the health and wellness of our customers paramount. No rBGH, no adulterated or engineered products. Milk from some of the best dairy farmers in America. Products that are good for kids and adults alike. A deliciously healthy way to meet the three-a-day recommendation for active lifestyles.

Over the years we’ve grown from our humble beginnings of one truck and two customers. We've also learned sometimes the old way of doing things is just better. That’s why MariGold still offers premium glass bottle milk as well as award-winning institutional and retail products including milk, juices, ice cream, butter, cheeses, cultured and cream products. There is a size for every buyer.

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A Commitment to Quality Products and Service

You can trust every product we sell. Heard that before? Here’s our most important consideration – if it’s not good for our families, it’s not good for yours.

Milk Delivered to Your Door

MariGold still does home delivery! Fresher dairy direct products delivered to your home or office. In addition, house routes offer eggs, juices, and much more.

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